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My name is Anna Lopez, a wife, a mom, natural parenting and healthy living educator, babywearer, and an ex-engineer. I have long had a passion for helping people and a strong interest in nutrition, fitness, mind-body synergy, and birth. My route to here offering services has been a long crazy adventure leading me through biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, and structural engineering, until a rare brain surgery intervened that finally set me on my true path. I cannot keep the desire to help inform and empower women about the amazing potential of their bodies to myself as a side topic of interest any longer.


I started to share my passion and knowledge of living in a way that came instinctually to me as I followed babies’ lead after I saw the difference it made in my parenting. Life got simpler, baby was happier, and the whole family was healthier and more relaxed. As I continued researching my parenting choices I found a lot of was rooted in old traditions, biological needs, and a return to nature. Teaching natural parenting practices (such as babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, and babyled weaning) and guiding families into healthy living evolved into MindBodyBabie.

I'm a NASM certified personal trainer focusing on prenatal and postpartum training;  and I host mother's support/healing groups. I also run the Lower Orange County, NY chapter of the Positive Birth Movement and am a volunteer babywearing educator with New York Babywearing.

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Have questions? Contact me at mindbodybabie@gmail.com or 347.398.6801

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